by HAlwan,

I would like to nominate Donna who works at Shoppers Drug Mart pharmacy.

Donna is a wonderful person inside and out. Donna is a pharmacy assistant who is responsible for the medications of most of the nursing homes and long term care homes in town.

She has been working at the pharmacy for 15 years. She’s a mom and a grandma. She’s also an ex military, retired from the military after moving all around Canada.

Donna now works at Shoppers where she is head of the nursing homes and long term care homes. She ensures everyone gets their medication, she makes any changes necessary to medications and sends them out to delivery. She personally knows all the patients and she truly cares. She shows up to work at 6 am sometimes to make sure medications are done and perfected. And if a medication needs delivery she will sometimes *Personally* deliver it herself after her shift.

During these uncertain times, she is an essential worker. And she deserves so much for what she’s done And will continue doing for the community.

True hero

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