by Wan,

It is with tremendous pleasure that I nominate and endorse a highly suitable individual, Dr. Maria Ostrovskaya of Quinte Animal Hospital for the Quinte West Community Hero Award. In myriad ways, Dr. Ostrovskaya’s dedication and accomplishments echo the stellar community of past awardees; and, make her highly deserving of the honor bestowed by the Quinte West Community Hero Award.

This endorsement therefore, is in recognition of Dr. Ostrovskaya’s tireless efforts and outstanding leadership in dealing with Covid-19 spread within our Community.

Since the outbreak of Covid-19 in Ontario, Dr. Ostrovskaya has made a meaningful contribution to our Community wellbeing through elaborating and implementing policies aimed at reducing the spread of this disease; and, subsequently flattening the Corona-virus Curve. As the leading Doctor, Dr. Ostrovskaya works tirelessly to promote bottom-up engagement from her colleagues in the fight against Convid-19. In eliciting solutions, against this unprecedented event, from her coworkers, Dr. Ostrovskaya boosted the morale at the Hospital, at a time when many were scared.

Dr. Ostrovskaya’s dedication and determination to help humanity in the fight against this unforgiving pandemic does not end at the Hospital. She projects a warm, cheerful attitude to all community members. I am acutely aware of the fact that she goes out of her way to help vulnerable members of our community by distributing free face-masks and hand-sanitizers. Dr. Ostrovskaya loves people; beliefs in her community; and, uplifts the spirits of all.

I believe these qualities represent all that is good in our Community; and consequently, I am euphoric to nominate and endorse Dr. Ostrovskaya’s candidacy because honoring her selfless work is in-keeping with the very intent of the Quinte West Community Hero Award.

Wanjohi Kibicho, Ph.D.

Carrying Place, April 2020

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