Life Saver!

by Bucket,
On behalf of our mother, Jean Ogden, words can’t express our deepest thanks to our nominee’s.

On March 4th, our mom’s neighbour, Ava Patterson, along with her boyfriend Nolan Price were leaving to go to work when this very fortunate faith came into play. Having to come to the north side of Nolan’s vehicle, Ava had to pass by our mother’s front porch where she happened to spy Jean lying on the ground. Their swift actions resulted with an arrival to TMH emergency department, narrowly bringing her back from hyperthermia. Our mom had suffered a stroke and given different luck, she may very well have spent much longer in the elements, an event that 100% would have a very different ending!

This young lady and her boyfriend (a volunteer firefighter) didn’t panic, and knew immediately to take action!

This action saved our mothers life! In our eyes they deserve every medal out there!

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