Sewing COVID Masks and Gowns for Quinte Health Care

by TPop,

My wife Lesley Poper has recently been keeping busy sewing COVID masks and isolation gowns for Quinte Health Care, through the Fun With Stitches quilting store. Lesley volunteered to sew and assemble 25 gowns and donated enough of her own cloth material to sew over 50 masks, giving them to Quinte Health Care and mailing some to elderly friends around the province, at no charge to anyone.

Lesley never looks for credit or recognition for her various other community volunteering, helping me to pickup trash along the bottom end of County Rd 40, or assisting with cutting the grass at the National Museum of Canada's Air Park over the last three years, or raising funds for local charities with her Beta Sigma Phi Chapter sisters.

I truly believe that Lesley easily meets the requirements of being nominated a Community Hero, she is definitely my hero.

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